Personal Checks
Check Security

The following are some of the measures taken to ensure the security of your checks.

Padlock Icon

Just right of the word "Dollars" you will see this padlock icon. The presence of this icon indicates to the Bank or Credit Union that the check contains security features that will help them detect a copy from the original document.

MP Signature Line

The MP icon indicates that micr-security print is used in the design. This is very small print that will break up if photocopied.

Rear Panel

A panel on the back side of the checks describes some of the security features incorporated into the check design.


We can also assure you that we take every measure possible to ensure that your online transactions are processed with maximum security. To maintain the integrity of information exchanged through our online order systems, we use Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL). SSL encrypts your order information in a manner that can be decoded only by 123 Cheap Checks. SSL uses 256-bit encryption. This means the data you submit is scrambled in one of over 1 TRILLION possible combinations. Only 123 Cheap Checks has the key to determine which combination is used and, therefore, can read the information you send online. When ordering checks online you can rest assured that your sensitive information is secure.

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